Sunday, September 1, 2013

classic apple pie

So I went a little rogue again, ya'll... See, I'm up in Michigan visiting my in-laws and they have a lovely piece of land where all sorts of fruit trees and my mother-in-law's garden thrive... Including this apple tree in the photo above (one of five). I had every plan to make the Mile High Cake for Baked Sunday Mornings this weekend. I even bought the two types of chocolate needed for the ganache, but these trees and my first Labor Day Weekend off in SEVEN+ years called to me...

"Make Apple-y things with us, Sarah," they said. No, I'm not on drugs. Just euphoric from a six mile run, a fun apple-picking session with my husband where we saw lots of little cute frogs living in the fallen apples and probably livin' large on all those fruit flies, and relishing in the fact I don't have to work at a restaurant this fine weekend (and a glass of sauvignon blanc). The Baked: New Frontiers in Baking recipe for Classic Apple Pie calls for Granny Smith Apples, but these apples are free, organic and delicious, so I made an executive decision... Use these friggin' tasty apples I have been eating like crazy for two weeks, add some ginger and dark brown sugar to the recipe, and sprinkle the top the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cane Sugar...

This photo of the finished product is a bit alien, but it's cooling as I type and will later be served with vanilla ice cream and Baked's salted caramel... I will add a serving photo later, so check back if you have time. I have a feeling the filling is going to be a bit soupy (added an extra 1 1/2 teaspoons of cornstarch and about a tablespoon of flour to the filling and it still seemed runny), but it will certainly taste great. Happy Labor Day!


  1. So rogue! But I understand, that the apple trees made you do it. :) Though I think the frog is trying to tell you something...I'm sure of it!!
    I think you made the right decision...those apples look too tasty not to use.

  2. Love your pictures! (i want a tiny frog!) Hope your enjoyed the pie!